RackN was founded by leading cloud innovators to solve the complexities and challenges in orchestration, automation and scale for enterprise Hybrid IT infrastructure.

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Using Fast, Simple and Open Automation to Change the Economics of the Data Center


Cloud Native physical provisioning built on open source Digital Rebar with security, RESTful API, remote CLI, and micro-services enabled. Supports bare metal to on and off premise cloud infrastructure

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Integrated automation from metal to platforms and beyond based on our unique composable approach allowing a mix-and-match of infrastructure and tools into a single management abstraction.

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Deploy from a wide range of platforms including Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos, and OpenStack onto both physical and cloud infrastructure.

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RackN adds management and automation packages to the open source Digital Rebar Provisioning solution to enable open, fast and simple data center provisioning.

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Maximize your Ops, SRE, and DevOps teams focus on critical infrastructure challenges by eliminating the grunt work with RackN's automation and orchestration solutions built on the open Digital Rebar scaffolding.

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