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March 2017

This week, we added Install Wizard templates to the DC/OS install automation we build in collaboration with Mesosphere last year. That makes it even easier to run DC/OS on physical infrastructure. Like our Kubernetes work, the Digital Rebar automation uses the same community dcos_install.sh that's used in the community documentation. The difference is that we're also driving all the underlay prep and configuration automatically....

Preface: RackN is looking for SRE teams who are enthusiastic about accelerating Kubernetes on-premises in a long term operational way that can be shared and reused across the community. We're excited to see and be part of the community progress towards enterprise-ready Kubernetes operations on both cloud and on-premises.  The RackN team is excited to be part of multiple groups establishing patterns with shareable/reusable automation. I strongly recommend watching (or, better, collaborating in) these efforts if you are...

Operators should be able to buy infrastructure (physical and cloud) from any vendor and run it in a consistent way. Instead of days or weeks to get infrastructure running, it should take hours and be fully automated from power-on. We should be able to rehearse on cloud and transfer that automation directly to (and from) physical without modification. That practice and pace should be the norm instead of the exception....