RackN was founded by leading cloud innovators to solve the complexities and challenges in orchestration, automation and scale for enterprise Hybrid IT infrastructure.

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We are pleased to be attending, speaking, and sponsoring a number of events to engage with the broader IT community. We are people people always looking to talk with customers, partners, and technology enthusiasts to learn more about your needs.

Stop by our booth or a session to learn about our provisioning solutions or discuss the latest trends on edge computing, DevOps, immutable infrastructure, and open source. We look forward to getting to know you.

Feb 26 – 28 in Santa Clara, CA

Avoiding Infrastructure at Rest – the Power of Immutable Containers: Feb 28, 1:50pm

March 12 – 15 in San Antonio, TX

Operate your Data Center like a Public Cloud with Immutable Infrastructure: March 12, 2:10pm


March 27 – 29 in Santa Clara, CA

Bronze Sponsor

May 3 – 4 in Austin, TX

May 16 – 17 in Denver, Colorado