RackN was founded by leading cloud innovators to solve the complexities and challenges in orchestration, automation and scale for enterprise Hybrid IT infrastructure.

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Developer Productivity with Hybrid Kubernetes

Combining online and brick-and-mortar retail infrastructure is a significant hybrid IT challenge. That’s exactly where RackN was able to help identify the need to migrate from siloed virtual environments to containerized pipeline automation. Originally focused on using Amazon and OpenStack in parallel, the customer wanted to improve integration between development and production. The RackN solution was to use Kubernetes as an abstraction layer so that developers could focus on a uniform target.



  • Hybrid IT expansion supporting cloud and data center infrastructure
  • Migrate from siloed virtual environments to containerized pipeline automation
  • Improve integration between development and production

Solution with RackN

  • Abstract infrastructure with Kubernetes layer
  • Developers focused on Kubernetes not underlying infrastructure
  • Automate and integrate dev, test, and production

Abstract Hybrid IT for Developer Simplification

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