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Why an SRE Imperative?

Isn’t SRE just DevOps?  Not quite.  DevOps focuses on culture and process while SRE redefines an organization role (IT Ops) in a way that is closely aligned with DevOps ideals but clearly retains responsibility for running infrastructure vs. writing applications.

We believe that SRE thinking is an imperative for Ops teams survival because current patterns and processes cannot sustain the current pace of development productivity improvement and infrastructure innovation.  That is why Google SRE budgets 50% of their operational time to automation and created defect budgets.

SRE Teams cannot afford to solve commodity problems with custom code.

To keep up, they must find ways to leverage standards and practices.  Let RackN help your team move up the stack!

Ops should not be your bottleneck!

Learn more about the role of SRE in DevOps from this podcast with RackN CEO and Co-Founder Rob Hirschfeld and HPE Cloud Evangelist Stephen Spector.