RackN was founded by leading cloud innovators to change the economics of the data-center.

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RackN and Digital Rebar Provision is data center infrastructure provisioning software managing well known protocols including DHCP, PXE, IPXE, TFTP and HTTP to install operating systems on servers and switches via a network.

Features include:

  • Hardware Mgmt Extensions: Multi-Boot, Conditional Workflow, Out-of-Band Mgmt, Firmware Configuration
  • Fully Containerized Platform
  • Rich CLI, REST API, Websockets, and UX
  • Single Command for Full System Re-Provision
  • Vendor Agnostic RAID, BIOS, and BMC Configuration and Control
  • Bring your Own DHCP and DNS Servers, if Required

RackN is an excellent choice for replacing Cobbler, MaaS, and Foreman

  • Built on Active & Growing Digital Rebar Community
  • Multi-OS Support beyond Linux
  • Single Element of Broader RackN Solution
  • Cobbler Feature Comparison

Infrastructure Management

RackN provides completely integrated automation from metal to platforms and beyond. Our unique composable approach allows you to mix-and-match a wide range of infrastructures and tools into a single management abstraction.

A SaaS based UX is available for both the open source community and RackN customers.

Automation Features:

  • Single command to tear down full systems and reset
  • Mix cloud and physical systems with the same automation
  • User authentication with available SSO
  • Integrate permission into corporate workflow
  • An Integrated PKI to create per-deployment TLS zones with root rotation
  • Event driven capabilities allow mixing with ticketing and external systems
  • Network configuration and topology mapping automatically sets bridges, teams and VLANs on the correct NICs even when mixing hardware types
  • Disk inventory includes speeds so you can automate the correct drive functions
  • IPv6 native integrations

Automation Library

The Digital Rebar Provision tool is an autonomous shell that takes packages containing instructions for provisioning. These packages come from three sources:

  • Digital Rebar Packages – Open Source within the Digital Rebar Community
  • Customer Packages – Proprietary Packages not Released to the Community
  • RackN Packages – Proprietary Packages Supported and Sold by RackN

RackN supports the Digital Rebar Community by managing the community as well supporting and building a variety of open source packages.  These packages include Linux OS provisioning, automation scripts and management. For customers needing additional services, RackN provides proprietary packages such as multi-path provisioning, resource pool management, out-of-band management via IPMI, injection of SSH keys, live event notification and others.