RackN was founded by leading cloud innovators to solve the complexities and challenges in orchestration, automation and scale for enterprise Hybrid IT infrastructure.

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Provisioning & Configuration

At RackN, we think of Physical Ops in Cloud-first terms. DevOps and SRE minded operators need Real APIs, Day-2 Ops, Security and Control as primary design requirements. To support customers’ introduction to RackN, we offer RackN Provisioner as a stand-along service.

Our RackN Provisioner unties us from the 1990s Era Protocols of Cobbler. Here are 10 key reasons to switch now.


Physical Provisioning and Configuration

Physical Provisioning Features:

  • Fully Containerized Platform
  • Rich CLI, API, and UX
  • Single Command for Full System Re-Provision
  • Vendor Agnostic RAID, BIOS, & BMC Configuration and Control
  • Bring Your Own DHCP and DNS Servers, if Required

RackN Provisioner vs. Cobbler:

  • Built on Active & Growing Digital Rebar Community
  • Multi-OS Support Beyond Linux
  • Single Element of Broader RackN Solution
  • Complete Feature Comparison

Proof of Concept in One Day

Our team can remotely engage with your operations staff to demonstrate RackN capabilities in less than one day. Contact us to get started today.

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