RackN was founded by leading cloud innovators to solve the complexities and challenges in orchestration, automation and scale for enterprise Hybrid IT infrastructure.

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RackN Pricing and Services

RackN Pricing

Standard RackN pricing is based on a $1 per node/month for the following services:

  • Product Support
  • Access to RackN UX
  • Open Source Operating Systems
  • Basic Control Workflow

Add on services available at an additional rate:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Burn-In
  • Decommission
  • IPMI Output Band Product Management
  • Automated Updates

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RackN Services

  • RackN Training assists in the integration of our technology into your existing processes.
  • DevOps Staff Augmentation before and during a RackN roll-out; RackN engineers work side-by-side with your Ops team to pay down technical debt.
  • DevOps Consulting brings in our top experts to help review your processes and DevOps readiness.

RackN Support

We offer annual per node support contacts for open source Digital Rebar Provision, RackN, and Terraform bare metal support. All support contracts include access to the RackN UX.

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Hours of Operations: M-F 8am-6pm Central Time US