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Digital Rebar

Digital Rebar is an open source community sponsored by RackN building a container-ready, infrastructure-as-code provisioning and orchestration platform. This scaffolding provides automation software deployment capabilities without vendor lock-in into specific hardware systems or operating models.

Community Mission: Embrace the Heterogeneous Nature of Data Center Operations

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Digital Rebar offers a collaborative approach on how traditional data center infrastructure operations can gracefully absorb next-generation workloads without churn and additional technological complexity.

Its capability enables upgrade and continuous deployment automation which is important for large scale, production-scale deployments of evolving complex technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and Ceph.

RackN builds enterprise ready, fully supported solutions based on the Digital Rebar scaffolding. Community content is available for use; however, not all technologies are available nor is the content guaranteed. Contact RackN for more information on the Digital Rebar community and our solutions.

Digital Rebar Features

  • Open platform for DevOps provisioning supporting multiple hardware, CMDB and operating system vendors
  • Provides the foundation for operations automation
  • Open reference implementation that can be deployed in large-scale, multi-site data centers
  • Allows creation of consistent and discoverable operating environments
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